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Your goal is to develop exceptional products. Ours is to deliver effective ingredients, supported by innovation and incomparable service.

RITA works with your company to assist in the search for and development of marketable applications and new and/or diversified formulations.

RITA is not just a raw material supplier. We are your partner. Our clients appreciate RITA’s stability, transparency, and trust. We make the effort to ensure we deliver what we promise.

That promise begins with a staff of qualified, experienced research and development chemists. RITA has veteran personal care chemists with finished product experience who have worked on hundreds of brands and consumer-familiar products. Our Marketing Department and Technical Sales Representatives assist them. Together, this team delivers solutions personalized to your unique needs.

From development to trouble shooting, RITA will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations:

Rapid Formulary

Over our six decades of operation, RITA has amassed a significant library of formulas. Our expansive formulary allows us to respond with finished formulations to expedite your development process. We also stay abreast of new or changing regulations that may affect your development.

Contact us with your formula challenge.

Alternative Sourcing Program

Looking to replace a material in a product? We can likely meet your needs through RITA’s competitive pricing and product availability.

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